Dianne O. Cosmetics


Dianne O. Cosmetics

Is one of the most beautiful cosmetics
to achieve a stunning flawless

Comes in a wide array of colors,
for women of all nationalities
and skin tones!



These blushes are silky smooth, with a matte finish and very elegant, with an array of rich colors to choose from. Beautiful on any complexion!


Flawless Foundations

Our Flawless Foundations will help your skin look beautiful and elegant, without looking as though you were trying way too hard.

The Flawless Foundations come in different categories according to your skin type, condition and nationality. The colors range from Ebony to Ivory; the shades come with ether pink or yellow undertones, according to the tone of your skin.


Loose Translucent Face Powder

This loose translucent face powder is wonderful on any skin color or skin type. Just like the name, it is truly translucent! The powder is a matte finish and very favorable on your skin.


Mineral Loose Face Powders

Mineral based loose face powder is a long lasting face powder, that will leave your face smooth, silky, and setting pretty! This mineral based powder comes in different shades.


Lip Glosses

Come in four different types of lip glosses. We welcome you to choose from many beautiful, delicious color choices.


Lipliner Pencils

Awesome, retractable lip liners never need sharpening. Great color selections! You can choose from different shades of colors.


Eye Cremes

We offer you two different types of under-eye cremes. The Camouflage creme is beautiful on any skin color. The All-Around creme will allow you to mix or choose a color of you choice.


Eye Pencils

What a way to achieve sexy, alluring eyes! We offer three different types of eye pencils, and several color choices.


Eye Colors

The eyes definitely have it! With all these eye color choices …

We offer five different types of eye shadows: Mattes, Shimmers, Silks, Dusts, plus one more, and an array of wonderful colors.


Elegant Eyeliners & Mascaras

Ophthalmologist tested, it’s a waterproof liquid eyeliner that can give a high-end creative look! Comes in black only.

Water Resistant Mascara is a lash building formula that conditions, separates and lengthens eyelashes to give you a dramatic look.

The Lash Builder Mascara is a wonderful formula that conditions, separates and lengthens eyelashes, which can give you a lavish look.


Lip Colors

Our lipsticks can give you a fuller, pouty lip. Plus they're so deliciously rich in color and long lasting.

We offer three different types of lipsticks you can chose from: Matte, Creme, and Shimmer.